Kevin Ohlsson

am i understanding this correctly?

Jan 14, 2023

About this whole "federated social media" thing...

So, I just wanna make sure I understand this correctly...
So we can use our Mastodon accounts to sign up/follow on other services (like Pixelfed or PeerTube), and get what we follow on these other services into our feed on our mastodon account? Why hasn't this already been the defacto standard for years already?!

Oh right... there's no admoney to be made from all of this, so noone cares. Let's hope this changes quickly. Not the ads, but peoples attitudes.


Pixelfed comment/where I got the idea from:
macstories: making-activitypub-your-social-media-hub-for-mastodon-and-other-decentralized-services/
PeerTube comment:


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